Gu Family Book (2013)

Posted on October 17, 2013


Once upon a time, Go Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk), gumiho, and Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee), human, fall in love at first sight and married. However, the evil Jo Gwan Woong (Lee Sung Jae) causes the lovely couple to break apart. Wol Ryung, heartbroken, was slayed by Dam Pyeong Joon (Jo Sung Ha). Before Seo Hwa died, she gave birth to a beautiful, half gumiho and half human, baby. The baby, who was abandoned in the river, was then named Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) after he was picked up by the owner of Hundred Years Inn. Twenty years later, Kang Chi found out his true identity. This is the story of Kang Chi who has to overcome his true identity in the human world while having his companions, including his lover, Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy), and fighting against Jo Gwan Woong and his minions. 


The Gu Family Book has bring to an emotional rollercoaster ride. There are times when I hold my breath. There are when I cringe in a good way. There are when I am shocked and sighed at certain scenes and moments which are memorable. I continuously watch from one episode to another until the very end because most of the endings of each episode make me want to know what happens next. Thanks to the wonderful OSTs, these boost up my emotions and perceptions on certain scenes. During the romantic scenes, I tend to hold on to my breath until I sighed or clapped or laughed whenever the two couples, Kang Chi & Yeo Wool and Wol Ryung & Seo Hwa, are having the sweet and romantic bonding times together. I even cried when either one of them gets hurt badly.

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Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa

There are captivating stories from two couples, Kang Chi & Yeo Wool and Wol Ryung & Seo Hwa. At the beginning of the drama series, Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa are having the most dreamy love-at-first-sight romance while Wol Ryung keeps the secrets, including his own identity. Once the secrets are out, everything falls apart until they died unhappily. At the third part of drama series (warning on the spoilers), they meet each other again and have the eternal sleep. I will not go into detail but it is basically that both of them realize that they truly, from the bottom of their hearts, love each other.

guteaser2 76318-miss-as-suzy-and-lee-seung-gi-share-a-kiss-in-drama-gu-family-book

Kang Chi & Yeo Wool

Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are my favourite couple. Both them help and care about each other throughout the whole drama series. Whether it is during the sword fights or hanging out at the martial art academy or protecting each other from being bullied by others. These are the times that made me smile and enjoyed watching the precious moments that they had even though their fate is that one of them will die. They always give me the goosebumps and hold my breath whenever they get really close, such as the kissing and hugging. These are the moments that the audiences might fantasize their ideal romantic scenario. Their love story is lovely and tragic but it definitely made the heart skips a beat.

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From left to right: Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Bae

The whole casts have made the characters and storyline which captivate the audiences. Lee Seung Gi portrays Kang Chi who is funny and caring person with strong personality. He has also able to complete Kang Chi is struggling to be accepted by the human world. At the same time, he gives so much romantic vibes to Yeo Wool that made my heart flutter like butterflies. Suzy made her first try in acting in a historical drama through the character Yeo Wool. She still has the cute and charming personality that was shown previously in dramas and Architecture 101. Also, she builds up the character to have a caring heart towards Kang Chi who is half gumiho and half human even though her peers said badly about Kang Chi. Yet, I think she has a long way to go in acting in historical dramas especially when she didn’t do well in sword fighting scenes. She does well in romantic comedies like Big and Dream High. It is a good chance for her to explore in acting various kinds of characters.

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Choi Jin Hyuk as Gu Wol Ryung

Also, we can’t say no to the hot and charming Kang Chi’s father, Wol Ryung, who is portrayed by Choi Jin Hyuk. Although he is only featured in a few episodes of Gu Family Book as a supporting character, he has gained popularity from viewers. It is true that majority of the audiences are admired by his looks. Then again, he is admired by the viewers because of his effort in portraying the historical character for the first time. He is able to portray two types of personalities within the character: (1) the good Wol Ryung and (2) the bad Wol Ryung. He brings in the character’s aura that makes the audiences get excited, such as when the demon Wol Ryung is about to kill Yeo Wool. It was definitely a great start for Jin Hyuk to polish his acting skills and proceed to great heights as an actor.


Gu Family Book definitely deserves to show the next season because not only both storyline and characters have strong emotional attachment but also the ending tells it all. The ending has influenced the audiences to request for the second season. It will be great to see how the second season will go about. This drama series is a must-see even though you might continuously watch it till the very end with smiles and tears. You will probably like and hate one of the characters from this drama. Fingers crossed that there will be a second season.

Rating: 9/10

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