Ongals at Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Fest 2015

Ongals have been touring and performing at sold-out shows in around the world including London, Edinburgh, Sydney, and Melbourne. They received plenty of four to five out of five stars reviews for their splendid comedic antics. They also received a …

Yoon Tae-Ho’s Discussion about Webtoon

Yoon Tae-Ho, a well-known graphic novelist, published popular Webtoons (Yahoo, Moss, and Incomplete Life) The London Book Fair 2014 not only showcases Korean literature and translation, webtoons, a new trend in Korean digital comics, are also featured to the visitors. …

Learn and Play in ‘Norito’

(Source: Norito Facebook Page) If you want to learn the Korean language in a fun way and meeting new friends, then this is the place to be. Norito, means ‘playground’ in Korean, main goal is to connect Korean and people …

Local Foreigners’ Story About Souvenirs from Seoul

When it comes to getting or planning to get souvenirs from any country, you asked yourself the 5W1H questions: What: What kind of souvenir you want to get/got? Who: Who gave you that particular souvenir? When: When did you get …

Share Your Stories in ‘Seoul, Our Movie’

Source: Visit Seoul Website PARKing CHANce (Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyong) have been directing films and music videos which have interesting storylines and great cinematography. Currently, they are working on ‘Seoul, Our Story’ and they want YOU to …

Seoul, My New Recipe Competition

 Source: Visit Seoul Website Do love cook and eat Korean food? Do you want to go to South Korea to enjoy tasty Korean food? Here’s your chance to participate in this competition. The competition is organized by the “Visit Seoul”. …