Bibigo London Review

Posted on November 25, 2013

The Bibigo London restaurant was selected by the Michelin Guide 2014 under the Korean restaurants category. I decided to go to that restaurant to find out why they have been selected by the most prestigious guide book.

Once I entered into the restaurant, there was a warm atmosphere within that area where people chatting away while enjoying their food and drinks.  In the menu, there were so many choose from and not sure what to try. Based on the quantity of food with affordable price which me and my friend could take, we decided to go for the £25 Bibigo selection which has two starters and two main course to share. This set is enough for two people.

20131122_193147Korean Chopped Salad

First, the Korean Chopped Salad arrived to start our meal. The salad had the crunchy feeling while you bite into the fresh lettuces, onions, and other healthy vegetables. The dressing had the perfect balance which was not too salty. This salad refreshed our palette before we continue the remaining three dishes.

20131122_193507Red Chicken

The small eat dish, Red Chicken, came to our table. The chicken is crispy on the outside while the moist of its meat is just right. Also, the chicken is sweet and spicy because of it is glazed with the addictive sauce. It is a good spicy dish that made my palette gone wild with the heat. For those who cannot eat spicy, this dish might not be suitable to your liking. You can try a bit of the chicken but too much as you will ask for more water while there are tears in your eyes.

20131122_194404Korean Cobbler

While waiting for the main courses to arrive, we had our cocktail drinks. You have a choice of cocktails to choose from including the non-alcoholic ones. The alcoholic ones are £7.90 while the non-alcoholic ones are £4.90. I had the Korean Cobbler which is a mix of Korean sake, maraschino liquor, fresh lime, raspberry, pineapple, and orange. So far, this is one of my favourite cocktail drinks to enjoy. It has the fruity taste and alcohol kick that is not overpowering. A relaxing tropical drink that you could enjoy. So, why not try the cocktail drinks while you wait for your food.

20131122_195747Flat Bulgogi

The main courses have arrived. The Flat Bulgogi is served on a hot grill pan. The char-grilled marinated beef was perfectly cooked well. The right amount of marinating sauce made me feel tingly because the taste just wraps around perfectly in the mouth. To balance with the meaty flavour, the beansprouts, spring onions, and zucchinis hit the right spot.

20131122_195534Healthy version of Bibimbap

For the Bibimbap, although it is not the common bibimbap which has lots of colourful ingredients in the pot with rice, but this is served as a healthy dish with a choice of whether you want to add beef or tofu. You can add the special gochujang sauce to make the dish spicy but I recommend that you should add it in to make it even more delicious. As I said before, this bibimbap is healthy as it has more vegetables with crunch and freshness. With the sauce, it makes the dish spicy but spicy enough that I enjoyed eating it.

Although these dishes are served in a small portion, the Bibigo selection fits perfectly for two person because we were so full from eating them. Even though the price may look a little bit expensive, but with great service and atmosphere, it definitely fits well with the bill. Bibigo London tries their upmost best in introducing the aspects of Korean traditional food with a little bit of Western fusion to them. The Bibigo London menu has wide variety of dishes to chose from but it depends what dish which you think can make you happy. There were a few friends of mine are not quite satisfied with the dishes that they had ordered. So, it depends on the right choice you make in ordering from the menu.

20131122_201145Don’t forget to try the Bossam

If you plan to come to the Bibigo London restaurant while considering about the price you pay, you should go for the Bibigo selection including the £13 set menus. These set menus are available for lunch and dinner. Within the £13 set menu, you can choose three courses from the selection of dishes available. The Bibigo London has great tasting menu, service, and atmosphere where you can enjoy food, drinks, and company of friends. No wonder this bar and dining restaurant is selected by the well-known Michelin Guide. This is a restaurant that you should definitely try some recommended dishes and drinks in the menu.

For more information about Bibigo London including finding about the menu, visit their official website. If you are coming together in groups more than 10 people, you should make your booking in advance. You can follow them through Facebook and Twitter. The location of the restaurant is at 58 – 59 Malborough Street, London, W1F 7JY which is few streets behind Oxford Street.

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