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Posted on March 6, 2014

20140306_200553Hello and welcome to Bibimbap Charlotte Street 

Bibimbap, the most common food that everyone, including first-timers to trying Korean food, would love to have. It is a dish that has rice with slices of vegetables and an egg which is served in a bowl or, mostly, the hot stone bowl. It is a must have when you want to try or crave for Korean food.


Polaroid pictures of customers who are happy with their meal at Bibimbap Charlotte Street

Two years ago, I went to the Bibimbap Soho to try out the Bibimbap. It left me a great impression with happy thoughts. This time I went to the Bibimbap Charlotte Street which was open in the middle of last year. I came in the evening and was welcomed with wonderful combination of polaroid pictures on the wall. Similar concept to the one at Soho. I was seated. Read the menu and I immediately know what I am going to eat.


I ordered the pock mandoo (dumpling) as side dish. The dumpling skin is crispy and soft. The pork and vegetable is well balanced with a hint of ginger. You can dipped them with the sesame and chilli sauce to add a little bit of spice to the dumplings.


Dolsot Bibimbap (before and after mixed)

The main dish that you must have is the Dolsot Bibimbap (rice, vegetables, and egg). This dish is suitable for those who are vegetarians. The dish was served with rice that is covered with colorful slices of vegetables and topped with an egg in a hot stone bowl. You add in either non-spicy or spicy sauce to the dish. I started to grab my spoon and mix everything up while the ingredients were sizzling away in the hot stone pot. Make sure not to touch the stone bowl as it is hot, really hot. Once I was satisfied with mix all of them together, I started to dig in. It is the same taste that I remember the last time at the Bibimbap Soho. The vegetables are nice and crunchy that are harmonised. The rice, which has the slightly brown, is soft and crispy. It doesn’t stick so much on the hot stone bowl. The Dolsot Bibimbap is an absolute treat that has a harmony of different colors and flavours.


As you can see, I finished off everything. Both the pork mandoo and Dolsot Bibimbap. I left the restaurant with a smile on my face while walking happily back home. The price is very reasonable as most of the bibimbap dishes cost between £7 to £11. You can order various types of bibimbap such as kimchi, spicy chicken, seafood, and even fillet beef (raw meat but it is cooked till medium rare while to mix it up in the hot stone bowl). Not to forget, ask for side dishes so you can share together with your friends. Why not take a polaroid photo after you enjoy the delicious meal. The Bibimbap Charlotte Street has various types of bibimbaps that are reasonable and bountiful of ingredients which can make your tummy satisfied. A nice place that you can enjoy good food and chat away with your friends.

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