Discoveries of Korea: 20 Expats’ Tales

Posted on July 29, 2014


“Discoveries of Korea” consists of “My Korea” short stories by 20 expatriates, who stay in Korea , share their stories about their cultural encounters in Korea. It may be a cultural shock, at first, but some are quite interesting elements of their experiences in different events and surroundings. Each of them has their own specific story to tell ranging from having noraebang nights to enjoying the World Cup 2002 fever to learning cultural elements in festive events like Chuseok.

It is a comfortable and casual reading to enjoy. It only just took a few days to finish reading this book but I laughed and was interested in knowing about their experiences which is out of their comfort zone. Each story is short, around five pages per story, but funny and interesting to know different aspects of Korean culture that are experienced by expats. The pictures are beautifully drawn that give the idea of how they had experience Korean culture. Either before or after being in Korea, it is their keen interest to learn and experience the Korean culture. With that, they slowly fall in love with Korea. Word by word, page by page, I imagine them being in front of me of having conversation about Korean culture which are unique.

I would recommend reading this book as it is away from the “touristy” aspects of experiencing Korean culture. You will learn something new to you and, maybe, want to experience certain things while you are in Korea. It is an “eye-opener” in reading the expats’ point of view and experiences in different scenarios of Korean culture.

You can get the book at the Korean cultural centre. If not, you can read the PDF file and E-book format by clicking on the following link.

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