Galbi Bro’s One Day Pop-Up Night

Posted on November 2, 2013

P1290924Dead Dolls Club

The Galbi Bros., known for their rice burgers and ramyun burgers at street food stalls in London, did the one day pop-up night at the Dead Dolls Club for the first time. 2 sessions in one night. It is their first time to serve the yummy food under the roof. On that day, they served a 3 course meal which costs £16.50 including the booking fee. We are welcomed with friendly smiles and things start to get busy during the 6.30pm session.

P1290930  P1290925 

From left to right: Galbi Bros welcome you with love | The 3 course meal menu

While waiting for our food to arrive, our “while-you-wait nibblies” arrived. We were munching our way with the lotus rice crisps with gochujang mayo sauce. The lotus rice crisps were not too moist but crispy with the gochujang mayo sauce that has a little bit of spice but refreshing to start your taste palette before the meal.

P1290927“While-you-wait” Nibblies: Lotus Rice Crisps with Gochujang Mayo Sauce

The three course meal began with the appetiser, Kimchi Cocktail. Before I came, when I saw the appetiser in the menu, I was intrigue about what is this all about because when it comes to kimchi, how would it taste like? I worried that it will taste very funny. The Kimchi Cocktail is not the prawn cocktails that are served in martini glasses. Instead, the Kimchi Cocktail is served with prawns and slightly fried rice cake with the Galbi Bros version of cocktail sauce. The rice cakes are both crispy and chewy that has the perfect balance of enjoyment with the cocktail sauce that was sweet and spicy. If they give a few more pieces of prawns, the taste of kimchi cocktail would be perfect.

P1290929Appetiser: Kimchi Cocktail with Prawn and Rice Cake

Although we waited almost 30 minutes for the next dish, our stomachs were ready for the star of the dish: the main course. The main course is the Rice Burger with Don Fries. The beef marinated with the homemade galbi sauce was cooked just right. It was not too dry as the beef has the right moist and texture which I was satisfied with it. The rocket and kimchi confit gives the refreshing crunch and taste that balanced well with the beef. The cripsy rice, which was lightly fried and the he secret Brother sauce tie up everything perfectly with the spicy kick. The Don Fries were absolute heaven and great partner with the Rice Burger. The spicy pork, kimchi, cheese, sour cream, and gojuchang mayo have wonderful flavours that were perfect for the thinly cut fries. These made me smile with joy because the taste blasted in my mouth while having each bit of them. I would love to kidnap these and take them home to eat while watching movies. The Rice Burger and Don Fries are the perfect team to be the main course dish.

P1290931Main Course: Rice Burgers with Don Fries

Lastly, our meal ends with the dessert, Hoddeok, which is Korean pancake. I was disappointed with the dish. Although the black sesame pancake has the right texture, the jam was bland as I couldn’t taste ginger, lemon, pear, date, and cinnamon. The poached pear, jam, and pancake goes well together but the jam affected the whole dish to be not the perfect dessert. The Hoddeok had the lack of taste of sweetness with a bit of spice of ginger and cinnamon. There is a need for improvement for dessert including this one.

P1290935Dessert: Hoddeok, known as Korean Pancake

Even though we waited for each dish to arrive to our table, but it was worth the wait to try every single dish that satisfied our tastebuds. The appetiser and main course are my favourites so far. The taste from certain dishes has not spark my tastebuds which I could dance happily in my mind. It was a great opportunity for the Galbi Bros. to get the customers’ opinion about the three course meal through pop-up nights. With that, I am sure they will have plenty of room to improve for the pop-up nights menus. They should continue to do pop-up nights with even more mouth-watering dishes.

I have heard a lot of great comments about the rice burgers and ramyun burgers at the street food stalls in London. I will be sure to drop by and try some while dancing happily with awesome tasty burgers.

You can find out more information about the Galbi Bros. through the official website. To find out, where the Galbi Bros. will be next, follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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