I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK (2006)

Posted on May 21, 2014


Director: Park Chan Wook

Cinematographer: Chung Chung Hoon

Casts: Lim Soo Jung, Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), Oh Dal Su, and Park Jun Myun

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Running Time: 105 minutes

Young Goon (Lim Soo Jung), who believes that she is a cyborg, ends up at a mental hospital right after she recharges herself at a manufacturing radio factory. She spends most of her time talking to vending machine, listen to the radio, and licking batteries as her food. She meets Il Soon (Rain) who is known as the thief that steals’ the patients’ characteristics. Thus, she asks him to take away her sadness so that she could save her grandmother. They become closer even though both of them have different personalities. One day, Young Goon becomes very ill due to malnutrition. She doesn’t want to eat human food at all which make her being sick in bed all the time. The doctors said that she will die if she continues like this. So, Il Soon has to save Young Goon’s life from death.

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I love every little thing that made me laugh and touch my heart. The film made me laugh so much that it hurt my stomach. There are so many surprises, even the scenes that I didn’t expect to see, that just pop out of no where but, instantly and immediately, laugh. Director Park is able to bring out the mix of fantasy and reality into the story. A fairytale-like storyline that has full of tears and joys. With the technology coming into place in filming, Director Park grabbed this opportunity to utilize them in how the storyline of this film come to live. He wants to bring the audiences to another different world with layers of characters’ personalities and thoughts. The storyline is simple but the elements brightens up everything to make an enjoyable film to watch but lots of imagination. 

Im_A_Cyborg_But_Thats_Ok-011 Im_A_Cyborg_But_Thats_Ok-005

Young Goon (Lim Soo Jung) and Il Soon (Jung Ji Hoon) having a paper cup phone call conversation

Every character has their individual characteristic that truly shines especially I still laugh at some of the supporting characters. Both Young Goon and Il Soon are the cute and adorable couple that I can’t complain about them. Young Goon struggles in living as a ‘cyborg’ while having a painful past of her grandmother. She has full of curiosities about where she is especially wanting to know more about Il Soon. There is so much character build up as she tries to get use to the ‘human’ world. At the same time, she learns about how emotions get in her way. On the other hand, Il Soon is a funny character that lights up the whole film. At times, his way of conversing with the characters, with cute gestures, make my heart flutter. He may be a trouble maker but he has a heart to help people including Young Goon. Similar to Young Goon, his character is slowly shown how he courageously does his best to help her from getting hurt. Two of them give out a bountiful of laughter, through their actions and facial expressions, to the audiences.

Im_A_Cyborg_But_Thats_Ok-021 Im_A_Cyborg_But_Thats_Ok-004

Another element which I am really impressed with the film is its cinematography. Both Director Park and Chung Hoon worked together in using technology, with HD cameras and computer-graphic effects, to make the scenes crisp and clear of fantasy and illusion in an imaginary world. Even when characters are moving, the camera follows along with them without having the whole scenes to blurry. Every single angle including the camera focus portrays how the character feels and making full use of how characters move in different settings. With CG effects, it bring up another level of illusion such as making the characters small or taking them to the Switzerland highlands. The cinematography of this film present different worlds of fun-filled excitement.


It’s a cute, lovely, and adorable film that takes you to another different world full of imagination. Young Goon and Il Soon will make you smile with their bright personalities. There are plenty of scenes that make you laugh so much. I would say that the laughter from this film is a medicine that make you feel better. Attractive storyline, great characters, and amazing cinematography which showcase both Director Park’s and Chung Chung Hoon’s filmmaking capabilities in bringing storyline to life with creativity and technology.

Rating: 9/10

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