Korean-Chinese Fusion Food at Genghis Khan, New Malden

Posted on November 26, 2013

If you are craving for Korean-Chinese fusion food, then this is the place where the real taste of these food are. When you are planning to do some Korean groceries shopping at H-mart, New Malden, you can stop by at the restaurant to have lunch. The restaurant is just along the Kingston Road. Last time, when I saw the restaurant outside, my first impression was that will not go in there and try the food because of the appearance of it.

Last Sunday, I changed my mind about Genghis Khan because of the food that I tried for the very first time. Even though the nameof Genghis Khan comes to the thought of the restaurant that serves Mongolian mood. This is not the case as this restaurant serves Korean-Chinese fusion food. The outside of the restaurant may look a bit shabby but it is filled with so many customers,  including families,  eating delicious food.

Since it was lunch time, my friends and I decided to order the lunch set menu. You can choose certain sets that have between three to five dishes. Depending on the number and type of dishes you choose on the lunch set, the price ranges between £18 to £40. Ordering the lunch set menu to share with your friends is really cheap. For the lunch set, we ordered the first one in the menu which costs £18. It has three popular and mouthwatering dishes. 


While we are waiting for our dishes, the side dishes arrived. Four different types of side dishes is enough for us to start up our taste palettes. Both salad and kelp are my favourites. With the right dressing, they make me even more excited for the dishes to arrive. The side dishes are part of the lunch set menu.


We dig in on the first dish, tang soo yok (탕수육), also known as, sweet and sour chicken. The chicken is perfectly fried while its moist and crispy. The sauce is has both sweet and sour which doesn’t go too much on one of the taste. With the sauce, the whole dish is not too dry. The meatiness of this dish is balanced with vegetables. The perfect balance of stir fry meat, vegetables, and sauce that you couldn’t stop eating every single piece from that dish. 


Next, we had the jjamppong (짬뽕) which is the Korean spicy seafood noodle soup. This is absolute happiness when eating this dish. At first, I can taste the peppery spice from the soup. Later on, when I continue eating it, I started to feel the good spicy that I need to drink a few small cups of Chinese tea. The noodles were not too soggy. The seafood was nicely cooked. The whole dish gives a spicy power with slurpy noodles and bites of seafood. I felt like I was by the ocean with hot heat of happiness. However, the problem that I had was why there were no mussels when its shells are in the soup. I thought they would have because of the sight of mussels but sadly there is no meat in the shells. It could have been better if there are more mussels in it.


The last dish is jajangmyeon (자장면), the Korean black bean noodles. I heard about this dish but I haven’t tried it before. Finally,  I get to taste it for the very first time. This is a yes and a no to the dish. Yes, the enjoyment of slurping the noodles with the black bean sauce makes me fill with joy. No, the whole dish was a bit salty because of the the black bean sauce. It is a good try to eat this dish but I would probably eat this once in a while. Not always because of the saltiness of sauce in jajangmyeon. If you don’t mind having noodle dishes with sauce that is salty, then jajangmyeon is the dish that you should try. Don’t forget to eat this dish together with yellow radish and onions which are served as side dishes.

Three dishes and five side dishes, which all together costs £18, for three people is really cheap. Not only is cheap but it has the authentic Korean-Chinese taste and food that I really enjoyed eating them. So, Genghis Khan is the perfect place to try some cheap and original Korean-Chinese food.

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