Layers and Details of Messages from Korean Collective

Posted on October 20, 2013

Shine Artists London aims to bring the new and inspiring works into the contemporary art scenes. The Korean collective consists of artworks which are down by the Korean artists. Majority of their works consist of layers and in details on different mediums. Instead of flat images they brought them to life through the use of digital technology and contemporary materials.

0008Bae Joon Sung – The Costume of Painter

Joon Sung places the transition lenticular on the oil painting. When looking at the paintings from different angles, the shift of scenarios changes such as the lady changes to her clothing and the flowers start to bloom beautifully. While focusing on the architectural interior design, Joon Sung looks into the surface of how a person deals with the cultural insecurity in different countries or locations.

enjoythemoment90x180oiloncanvas20132krw10000000Do Min – Enjoy The Moment II

Do Min’s Enjoy The Moment photo-realist oil painting series is inspired by Horace’s phrase, Carpe Diem (seize the day). The splashes of water with the die interprets that every person has to trust luck and themselves while they enjoy every single moment. This means they have to grab their own opportunities before they regret. It can be greed but it also can be hope and great opportunities.

0020Hong Sung Chul – String Mirror_C_Hands_0482

Hong Sung Chul printed the images on the elastic strings and combine them to become visual images of intimate gestures of hands. The artist is able to use the digital technology in printing the painted images follow by combining the amount of elastic strings into visual layers within images. The artist wants to bring out the sense of touch through hands through layers of meaningful realism that will captivate both visitors’ sight and mind.

livingroomwithgardenviewi2012116x73x5.5cmledtemperedglassdecalcomaniaHwang Seon Tae – Living Room with Garden View

Hwang Seon Tae combine layers of medium (such as tempered glass and LED backlight) into works that shows the sense of calm and clarity within the spaces of home. While looking at these works, these sparks positive vibe in calming the visitors’ minds. Within the spaces with simple interiors, the people can freely do what they want while disregarding the downturns of their lives and society. It is a form of escapism while aiming to calm the mind and breathe some fresh air.

tomorrow_acryliconcanvas_130.3x104.7_2013Im Chang Wook – Tomorrow

Im Chang Wook depicts the rural life of communities through oil paintings. The artist puts multiple layers of bold colours that give the form of tension and anxiety of certain communities. Furthermore, the dripping of acrylic paints emphasize on the sadness from the scenes and people. Chang Wook aims to represent the sense of reality of modern world and society. 

0039Kim Yong Jin – Porcelain with full of Chi II

Kim Yong Jin revives the importance of Korean ceramics by placing coiled wires on canvas. With the choice of coloured wires, the artist presents the in-depth glazes of ceramics that last for long periods of time. The artist balances both modern materials and traditional images of ceramics that could captivate the visitors’ attention in modern society.

snowwhite6Mari Kim – Snow White

Mari Kim depicts dolls to both Japanese manga and anime culture while portraying iconic Western cultural and political icons. Mari has used the transition and pop art to present the doll that is influenced by the material culture of East Asia and Western countries. The people are influenced by media and pop culture that influences the audiences to be attach to consumerism and materialism. These are vital examples of how they receive digital and visual images from various sources of digital and media platforms.

lee201210Lee Jae Hyo – 400121-1110=112092

Lee Jae Hyo combines woods of different sizes that look like a wooden platform that people can walk through or small little stepping woods that a person can stand on. The artist combines multiple amounts of similar objects in different sizes that are combined into a big picture which could be interpreted in many ways. One person can feel that they are standing in a different world with sense of calmness and realisation. 

The works of Korean Collective focuses on several themes: (1) the ongoing changes of modern society, (2) the clashes between Asia and Western culture, and (3) depiction of hope and calmness while overcoming the boundaries. They are inspired by how the society or people are going through the ups and downs. Thus, they decided to showcase their works that have inspirations of hope and motivation to the visitors. When looking into their works, there are in-depth layers and details that depicts positive messages that could be input in the visitors’ mind and heart. The Shine Artists of London, who are involved in Korean Collective, stands out with a mixture of digital technology and other forms of art medium that depicts meaning and messages.

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