Minjae Lee: Females’ Facial Expressions and Inner Beauty

Posted on February 12, 2014

936808_602563309815915_341915373_nJanus (2012), Marker /Pen / Ink on Paper (Source: GrenoMJ Website)

Minjae Lee, also known as GrenoMJ, is based in Seoul as an artist who expresses his works with powerful multiple colours and expressions of female. After finishing his high school studies at Seoul Daesin High School, he started working on being an artist at various exhibitions and working together with other enterprises.

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The Flow In Us (2012), Marker / Pen / Ink on Paper | Circulation (2012), Mixed Media on Paper | Devon Aoki (2013) (Source: GrenoMJ Website)

He taught himself how to illustrate the female characters with the very common drawing tools (marker, pens, crayons, acrylic, and others). In his works, he focuses a lot on the colours and textures that blend together with layers of emotive expressions. He also puts into a lot of details on lines, patterns, and the tone of colours. At first, by looking at the illustrations of female, they seem to be in a negative state of crying in pain and anger. Yet, after clearly looking into them several times, you will realize that these have inner beauty and happiness that are expressed through the flow of multiple colours and layers which are filled with amazement. It has a dramatic balance of yin-yang elements within the females that is fragile but strong at the same time.


Making Film of Circulation (2011) (Source: Minjae Lee Vimeo)

Find more about his previous works and latest works through his website and Facebook. You can view some videos of how he illustrate his works. You can also purchase some of his works through his website.

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