“Momentum at Rest” with Subjects

Posted on August 27, 2013


Yong Man Kwon, a Korean-born artist based in France, had his first London debut to feature his work at Mokspace. He is known as the award winning and official painter for the French Navy and Military. His work has also been featured in Italy and Germany. With that, he is able to the subjects within his surroundings to come to life through his vibrant and unique painting style.

P1290520 P1290522

Each and every piece of his exhibition has unique broad and colourful details on everyday subjects including the ports. These paintings significantly identify the people’s daily life in the posts and cities. With broad strokes and mix of colours from a single wide palette, the people who have seen these artworks will feel that these subjects are in movement with lively energy.

P1290526  P1290532  P1290533

The exhibition is at Mokspace and is free admission. It will be held on 8th August – 9th September 2013.

P1290524  P1290531

You will be amazed about how these paintings are telling significant stories about the daily lives at the ports and cities.

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