Psychologically at “The Space in Between”

Posted on October 23, 2013

20131008_191038The Curtain

Choi Eun Sook studied Fine Art at Chung Ang University, South Korea and, in 2011, graduated with an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design. In her exhibition, The Space in Between, she explores the different binaries between presence and absence through windows, staircases, passageways, and spaces. Her works are done through placing layers of acrylic and oil on canvas. In addition to that, she relates to her experiences of her personal space especially when there was either a sense of ease or tension. With geometrical space and architecture forms, she depicts the meaning behind the psychological notion on the selected spaces that she experienced or inspired from.

20131008_190158 20131008_190151

From left to right: (No Name) | Play at the Room

By looking at her works, these influenced our minds to think mentally about how we experience and perceive about where we stand on certain spaces and locations. We could be curious about the space that we look into and imagine how would it be like to be at these spaces that has illusional and mysterious notions before our very eyes. Also, the use of colours depict the emotions that we feel while standing in the spaces. Eun Sook playfully uses the colours on how the person experiences through the phases of exploring the locations. It could be happy or sad when a person is standing in the space. When she painted an object to the canvas, she paints another layer with different meaning that showcases the emotions and perceptions toward the space where they stand and experience.


Check out her website to look into her portfolio of works related to the theme perceptions on personal spaces.

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