Shorthand by Heeseon Byun

Posted on March 8, 2014


In Seoul, Heeseon Byun studied Theology. After that, she went to London to study painting at the Chelsea College of the Arts for BA and Royal College of Art for MA. While working as an interpreter and an art teacher, she takes her time to be involved in volunteer community projects in London.


Last month, she had her solo exhibition, Shorthand, at Mokspace, London. Her paintings that pictures the abstract of everyday life. These paintings, with brush strokes, visualize how the people go through on everyday basis and how these connect with the viewers. Based on her own memories and experiences, she painted in abstracts which are based on on photographs and film that she found in newspapers and magazines.


The paintings evoke a sense of warmth and love about the people who does simple daily activities while creating bonds among them. While looking through them, I felt these draw out the meaning of warm happiness and love with simplicity. She paints the characters and objects within a single colour layer on the canvas that evokes their own individual everyday life. Abstract stories in the paintings have many in-depth meanings that connect with the viewers.

Tags : Art,Heeseon Byun,Oil Painting

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