State of Play (2013)

Posted on March 19, 2016

State of Play Poster

Director: Steven Dhoedt

Cast: Lee Jae-Dong, Kim Joon-Hyuk, Yohan Park, Kim Ji Sun

Genre: Documentary

Running Time: 87 minutes

Source: State of Play trailer (Vimeo)

State of Play, a documentary directed by Steven Dhoedt, follows the champion pro-gamer Lee Jae-dong and his team members and new pro- gamers Kim Joon-Hyuk & Yohan Park on their tough journey in staying in top shape playing Star Craft in South Korea including the annual Pro League live eSports event. They went through the ups and downs in facing their own challenges as a pro-gamer that is their career and keeping up with the trends and corporate structure while wondering how it would be like if they live their normal lives as students.

The overall insights about the pro-gaming industry in South Korea is general as the documentary give simple explanation of how both these industries recruit the youngsters as pro-gamers as part of earning income through various gaming events, particularly Star Craft. The managements have the right how the team should be formed and to improve their capability based on criteria and strategies. They provide the needs for the pro-gamer teams to be on top shape such as accommodation, food and training schedules. At the later part, not surprising, the truth behind the scandals fully affect the whole industry and pro-gamers’ career followed by keeping up with the changing trends such as the launch of Star Craft 2.

State of PlaySource: State of Play official website

Various personal experiences shared by Lee Jae-Dong, Kim Joon-Hyuk and Yohan Park are intriguing as not only Steven focuses on pursuing their careers as pro-gamers but also they wonder about leading normal lives as students instead. At times, they have some regrets as they mentioned that they rather focus on finishing their studies and have good times with their friends. Steven focuses much in detail on following their journey for about two years and compiles these stories accordingly to give audiences subtle point of views from these youngsters. Some would think it would be too early for them to face the tough gaming industry even though it’s their dream and passion to not playing games for fun but as a career. Also, there is the thin line between whether to forgo

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