“The Message” through Hanji by Woo Bock Lee

Posted on August 8, 2014


Woo Bock Lee started with her studies in art at Surabul Art College and Kunkook University. She continued in learning more about art in France and Sweden. Although she has been living in Sweden for over 35 years, her Korean heritage inspired her in creating the use of materials and art style through hanji. She collects pieces of caligraphy for her works when she frequently visits in Korea. She is a member of the International Association of Paper Makers and Artists (IAPMA).


“The Message” series is based on the Korean traditions of writing notes on sheets of paper which are twisted into loops and pinned on the wall at the entrance of a favourite tea shop. These messages are found by their close friends and families followed by reading them on their next visit to the meeting location. The significant meaning behind this series is how the structure of each unopened messages are conveyed to the receivers. Woo Bock Lee utilizes recycled old Korean school books in creating structural forms of collage, painting, and sculpture, with support from wooden blocks, steel mesh, and wire.

P1320126 P1320127

The hanji papers with golden tones, brownish color, black ink, and red seal markings tell historical stories behind each message that transcend between writers and attendees. The structure of each work amplifies the texture of message to life in heart-felt manner. Woo Bock Lee placed piece by piece and layer by layer in each work. It is the transitions between traditional stories that are conveyed such as forms of scrolls and globes in contemporary global setting. The messages come to life from hanji paper: a visual imaginative storytelling to see, hear, and feel. She preserves the meaning behind each message that are addressed to the public as its Korean traditions of hanguel and hanji paper should not be forgotten.

View Woo Bock Lee’s works at the website and Facebook page.

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