Weekly Events: 11 – 24 November

Posted on November 11, 2013



The Yellow Sea

  • 7 – 22 November: Five more days to go at the London Korean Film Festival. Don’t miss out the Korean Film Talk on 12 November. This Friday, “The Boomerang Family” will be shown at the closing gala. They will continue to show the Korean films in Oxford, Leeds, and St. Andrews. The information about the film screenings are available the website. You can also follow Facebook and Twitter for updates.
  • 22 November: The Blue Dragon Awards 2013 will be celebrated to see who is going to win the awards in various categories such as ‘The Best Director’, ‘The Best Cinematography’. You can check out the nomination list through the Word of the ROK.
  • 21 November: After the London Korean Film Festival, the Ha Jung Woo’s film screenings, as part of the Year of 4 Actors, continue by showing “The Yellow Sea” at the KCCUK. Book your places now.
  • 13 – 24 November: There will be a special screening of North Korean films, between 1974 to 2008, at the Sydney Intercultural Film Festival. [Website | Facebook]
  • 16 November: The Arirang Korea Documentary Special presents documentaries about the history of Korean immigration to Canada followed by suggestions to have positive relationship between Korea and Canada. [Source: ATK Magazine]
  • 13 – 14 November: Cold Eyes will be screened at the 27th Leeds International Film Festival. Book your tickets.
  • 15 November: The Park Chan Wook Vengeance Trilogy will be shown at the Prince Charles Cinema, London. Book your tickets now.
  • 14 & 21 November: As part of the theme Displaced Youth, Barbie (14 November) and Juvenille Offender (21 November) will be shown at the Cinema on The Park, Australia.



night_break_coverNight Break group exhibition at MOKSPACE, London (Source: MOKSPACE)

  • 12 November 2013 – 18 January 2014: Shin Mee Kyoung, will be having her solo exhibition, Unfixed, at the KCCUK.
  • 14 November – 15 December: Both Kim Shin Wook and Kim Tae Dong will be showing a group exhibition, Night Break, at MOKSPACE, London.
  • 17 – 30 October: Kim Mi Nae’s solo exhibition, “Thoughts on Habit” is shown at the HADA Contemporary, London
  • 2 – 17 November: The Sense & Sensibility, which has Kim Ji Eun’s works, group exhibition continues at the Art Space Artion, Seoul. [Website | Facebook Event | Facebook]
  • 20 August 2013 – 31 May 2014: Korean Art from the Museum Collection Grand Narrative part II: diversification of Korean arts since the 1990s is held at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.



theme-4(55)Korean Food Fair in Hong Kong

  • 21 – 23 November: The Korean Food Fair will be held in Wanchai and Whampoa to promote Korean food in Hong Kong. [Facebook | Twitter]
  • 23 November: Busan BBQ will be bringing burgers and kimchi to the Tooting Tram & Social.


울모던-_01-800x1192The Campaign for Wool: Wool Modern 2013 (Soure: ARA Art Center Official Website)

  • 19 – 25 November: 11 fashion and industrial designers will be participating in The Campaign for Wool: Wool Modern 2013 at ARA Art Center, Insadong, Seoul. The main purpose is to raise awareness on wool industry while taking protection to global environment into consideration. The exhibition is free. [ARA Art Center: Website | Facebook | Twitter] [Campaign for Wool: Website (ENG) | Website (KOR) | Facebook | Twitter]





16291_10151913962792492_151215869_nSeoul Lantern Festival (Source: Korea Tourism Organization Facebook)

  • 1 – 17 November: Visitors can see various lanterns, with unique designs and stories, at the Seoul Lantern Festival which is held at the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream
  • 8 – 17 November: If you are in Busan, be sure to check out the Busan Port Lighting Festival where there are various programs and experience programs to enjoy. You can see the light and laser shows at the Busan port.

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