Weekly Events: 3 – 16 February

Posted on February 1, 2014


berlin2014Berlinale International Film Festival 2014

  • 6 – 16 February: SnowpiercerNight Flight10 MinutesA Dream of Iron, Non-Fiction DiaryFinal Recipe, and Sprout will be shown at the Berlinale International Film Festival 2014 [Website | Twitter]
  • 13 February: The Year of Film Professionals starts off with Park Hoon Jung, a screenwriter and director for films like The Unjust and New World. The first film, which will be shown at the KCCUK, is I Saw The Devil. Booking is available. Click on the following link to get your free seating.



1389795900799K- Fashion Odyssey (Source: Korean Cultural Centre UK)

  • 6 – 13 February: After the Milan Fashion Week, the next destination for Korean fashion designers to feature their work is the New York Fashion Week. Also, Concept Korea is also part of the programme to feature the rise of contemporary Korean fashion. Check out the programme on where the Korean fashion designers will be presenting their F/W 2014 collection. [Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram]
  • 6 February: Cres E Dim’s presentation for F/W 2014 Collection, ‘Future Shock‘ is held at 547 W 27th st.Suite 610. New York. [Facebook]
  • 14 – 18 February: The last leg for showcasing the F/W 2014 collection is at the London Fashion Week. We are looking forward to what J. JS Lee and Eudon Choi will be presenting at this event. [Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram]
  • 4 February – 2 March: While the London Fashion Week is underway,  the K-Fashion Odyssey presents the young Korean fashion designers who are graduates from fashion schools. The five fashion designers are Chloe Kim, Gigi Jeehyun Jung, Hyein Seo, Narae Park, and Rejina Pyo. There will be a special opening on the 4th February in the evening. RSVP via e-mail or phone to the KCCUK. [More information]



tumblr_n028aeBpIV1rsnr8qo1_500A group exhibition at Ilho Gallery (Source: Mossi Tumblr)

  • 12 – 18 February: Mossi and other artists will be having a group exhibition, Facing Up to Dream, at Ilho Gallery, Seoul. Find out more details and directions to the gallery through here.
  • 6 – 23 February: A group photographic works, by Je Baak and Ahn Jinkyun, is held at the HADA Contemporary, London. [Information]
  • 8 February – 2 March: Lim Jeong Ah’s solo exhibition, Ordinary Person, presents splashes of colourful paints on portraits at the ARTION, Seoul. [Facebook]
  • 16 January – 17 April 2014: Visit the “imagination & reality“, an collaboration exhibition from CoolRain and Designer Kun at the Klive Gallery, Seoul



1545072_580785425343513_1644722840_nCoreyah Live Concert (Source: Coreyah Facebook)

  • 5 & 12 February: Korean indie artists will be performing at the EBS Space, 공감하고 싶어요 [Facebook]
  • 15 February: Galaxy Express, Kingston Rudieska, and Asian Chairshot will be performing together with Eshe and Nave belly dancers for the Shake Shop Vol. 12 event at Club Freebird [Facebook Event Page]
  • 16 February: Glen Check, Les Sales, Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio, and Solutions will be performing at the Mint Fiesta Vol. 42. Tickets can be purchased through here.
  • 7 February: Love X Stereo, Les Sales, Slow Dress, and Juck Juck Grunzie will be taking Action! at the Yogiga, Seoul [Facebook Event Page]
  • 8 February: After a music night out at MIDEM Festival, Dynamic Duo will be having their own concert at the Nouveau Casino, Paris. [Ticket Information]
  • 9 February: Image Meets Sound will be releasing the 2nd EP at the Multipurpose Art Hall EMU. [Facebook Event Page]
  • 12 – 15 February: Everyone of all ages can enjoy the live concert by Coreyah where they will listen to the fusion of Korean traditional music.
  • Till 2 April 2014: Korean indie musicans and bands are currently performing for the Label Market at the 2nd floor of Sangsang Madang. Performances start at 7.30pm. Admission is free. [Website]

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