Weekly Events: 3 – 16 March

Posted on March 4, 2014


1393585942336The Showdown, directed by Park Hoon Jung

  • 4 March: Korean Novels on Screen begins with the first film, The Road to Sampo (1975), at the KCCUK. [Booking]
  • 11 March: The next film for the Korean Novels on Screen is Portrait of Youth (1990) at the KCCUK. [Booking]
  • 13 March: Park Hoon Jung’s film, The Showdown, is screened at the KCCUK. [Booking]
  • 13 March: Cinema on The Park (Australia) starts A Thrill A Minute film screenings with Montage (2013) [Website]




  • Till 15 March: K-Fashion Odyssey exhibition is extended until the 15 March. Don’t miss out in checking the works by five young talented Korean fashion designers.
  • 14 March: The Artist Talk Party: Think in Fashion features a talk by the young fashion designers, who will be talking about the current fashion trends, their experiences, and working in the global fashion market, followed by pop-up fashion performance and DJ Party. This event will be held at the KCCUK. [More information]



Sungfeel Yun’s ‘Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation’ (Source: Sungfeel Yun Website)
  • 6 – 22 March: Sun Ae Kim’s ‘Quotidian‘, inspired by 18th and 19th Century Staffordshire pottery and European ceramics, presents her works of painted porcelain figures and tableware at the MOKSPACE, London. [Website]
  • 6 March – 2 April: Bae Joon Sung and Hwang Seon Tae is back in exhibiting their recent works at the Albermarle Gallery, London. [Website]
  • 19 February – 9 March: Art Edition will be heading down to Hong Kong to feature the young artists at the Harbour City Gateway Corridor. [Facebook]
  • 21 February – 22 March: Drop by at the gallery in 43, Inverness Street, London to see HaYoung Kim’s second solo presentation playful artworks of soft materials like food, furnishing, body parts, and others. [Website
  • 24 February – 9 March: Dari Bae participates in the group exhibition, Are You OK? at the Hanmi Gallery. Also, Sungfeel Yun’s ‘Chaos, Cosmos and Circulation‘ is exhibited at this gallery. [Website
  • 6 – 30 March: HADA Contemporary presents Chung Hee Sung’s ‘Inadequate Metaphors‘ that consists of photographic images which focus on the liminal state of being and the visualisation of inner self. [Website]
  • Till 23 March: Artworks  by 50 artists will be displayed during the #2_NEW SCENES at the Seoul Museum of Art [Website]
  • 12 March – 17 April: Chun Kwang Young’s 70th birthday is celebrated by featuring his new works of Aggregation series at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London. [Website]
  • 14 March: Chun Kwang Young will be giving an artist talk at the Artworkers Guild, London where he talks about  his development of the Aggregation series and the messages he portrays through his acclaimed and unique style. Make your booking via e-mail [email protected]



sxsw-2014(Source: SXSW Website)

  • In March, a lot of Korean indie artists will be having tours and gigs in the US. Those who are heading to the US are Love X Stereo, Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio, Crying Nut, Jambinai, SMACKSOFT, Idiotape, Glen Check, Nell, YB, Galaxy Express, Big Phony, Kiha & The Faces, No Brain, Nell, and Hollow Jan. [Schedule: Part One | Part Two | Part Three
  • 7 – 16 March: Korean indie artists will be participating at the SXSW 2014 to the audiences. [Website]
  • 7 March: YB will be performing in Dallas, US. [Purchase tickets]
  • 7 March: SMACKSOFT is having a fundraiser gig, together with Apollo 18, Rainbow99, and bellydancers Eshe & Navah, at Nest Nada, Seoul. [Facebook Event]
  • 8 March: V- All Stars Vol. 1 features Reflex, E-Visor, and Remains at V-Hall, Seoul. 10,000won for the ticket and you get a free drink.
  • 9 March: There is a free concert, performed by Lee Soojin, a gayageum (Korean zither) player, at the National Gugak Center. [More information]
  • 13 March: 10cm will be having an encore concert at Chungnam National University, Daejeon Jeongsimhwa Hall. All seats are 66,000 won. [Purchase Tickets]
  • 15 March: Live gig performances are happening at FF and Gogos2 in Hongdae, Seoul. [Timetable
  • 6 – 23 March: Wonderful ‘Perfect Day 2‘, organized by Mint Paper, invites you to listen to live performances of bittersweet delights of indie music [Facebook Page]
  • 13 – 16 March: Hongdae Fest begins this weekend. More performances will happened within the next two weekends. Follow their updates through the Facebook Page.



3860_6093_5627Jeju Fire Festival (Source: Photo by Douglas Macdonald)

  • 7 March: The director of the four seasons drama, Yun Seokho, will be giving a seminar, ‘Love, Korean Style! Drama and the Korean Wave‘ at SOAS, London. [Website]
  • 7 – 9 March: The people of Jeju will be celebrating the Jeju Fire Festival as part of their custom for providing grazing for every spring and burn away bad luck from the soil. [Article from the Jeju Weekly]

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