Bongsu Park Presents the Journey of Life Cycle Along the Lines

Posted on May 27, 2014

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Bongsu Park, born in Busan, South Korea, studied photography and fine art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, France (2007-2009), Sangmyung University, South Korea (2000-2003), and at the Slade School of Fine Arts, London (2010-2013). She exhibited her solo works in Korea, Japan, France (eg  International Art Festival Legends Urbaines), and UK (eg. MOKSPACE, Crypt Gallery and Bermondsey Art Space). She created various art mediums including sculpture, printing, photography, live performance, and videos.

In March, she exhibited the combination of her previous works “Cord – Cell – Cube” that showcases live performances of contemporary dance and music in art at the Rosenfield Procini Gallery, London. She took her artwork in expressing the emotions and tensions of people struggling in everyday lives with the concept of mediums with three artistic and metaphoric forms: cord, cell, and cube.

Recently, Bongsu Park exhibits”Before Lines, After Lines” at the Hanmi Gallery, London. Her work questions about life by taking the seed of life as her subject. She experiments different form mediums with images of the egg with either cracks or holes, a metaphor symbol of life and death. The egg presents how we were born into this world and left in the journey of life cycle.  In her works, she implements her ideas of life through photography, video, performance, sculpture, installation, and drawing.

P1320114Line-Age (2013): Sculpture, clay, wire, papier mache, 2 of 100cm x 100cm x 40cm, variable length and distance.

There were some works that struck my attention. As I entered into the Hanmi, the sculpture of ‘Line-Age’ can be seen right in front of me. This piece was first sketched as a drawing before Bongsu Park create the work in sculpture form. Between the thin line between two big teardrops, it signifies the connection between two different beings. I could see as the relationship between two people: could be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, close siblings, or even parent and child. Despite the differences between them, both of them become one with meaningful connection that will last throughout their whole lives.

Series of Eggs n°2 (2008) 3’2” (Source: Bongsu Park Website)

She also present three videos of ‘Egg Series of Eggs’. The videos are repeated on time loop while shifting from out-of-focus to focus on the eggs that are cracked and reborn in continuous cycle. These implies the memories that instill in our minds of how we were born followed by growing up in the life cycle (birth – child – adult -death). These also invite us looking into our own childhood memories. Though it could be painful such as the ‘Series of Eggs n°1’, the ‘Series of Eggs n°2’ signifies that we are become one even though we have different personalities. It is building up the relationship with others in the circle of life.

P1320118 P1320119 P1320120 

Granulation (2010) Sculpture, plaster bandage, wool yarns, cotton, various seeds, variable length

‘Granulation’ is one of my favourite artworks of Bongsu Park. Eggs or cocoons are dangling in forms of going through the metamorphosis. Each of them, which are cracked open, has more eggs. It makes the viewers anticipate for these eggs to be born out of the cocoon. I would say its the moments of time where we patiently wait in the journey of life that may be difficult but it is also beautiful. Imagine beautiful butterflies coming out from the cocoons. These eggs are like us going through developing ourselves while struggling with obstacles in life along the way. Yet, we believe that we will be born as strong and beautiful beings in life.

“Before Lines, After Lines” signifies journey of life while Bongsu Park and some viewers question about ‘life’: how we are born into different lives and why we are here in the first place. She conveys her work that even though life can be bumpy but we will get through the paths of life with strength and courage with others who may be different but we all become one. Despite having our own different personalities, we are still connected and building up relationships with the power of understanding each other. Her work represents life and connection with people while going through the journey of life and death.

View her works including “Cord – Cell – Cube” at her website.

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