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Posted on February 12, 2014

peterpancomplexPeterpan Complex: Jeon Ji-Han (Vocals/Keyboard), Kim Kyung-In (Drums), and Lee Chi-Won (Guitar/Synth) (Source: Ruby Records)

One of the performers who will be performing in London is Peterpan Complex. Peterpan Complex debuted in 2002. In the earlier years, they used to play rock ballads with strong emotions. Later on, in 2011, they started to produce something different which is electronic music that are refreshing and upbeat. They had released five albums including their recent one, O [Ou], which represents a new beginning for them in producing and performing maturer music.

Peterpan Complex tries various ways in producing different style of music which are based on their experiences within their surroundings. Their songs are lyrical while the instrumental beats are either emotively strong or danceable upbeat tunes that listeners will enjoy. They focus not only the songs but also their live performances and music videos. They are willing to take the challenge to try something new without any regrets. It is definitely a mix of modern-style rock and electronic tunes to listen to.Before the live gig in London, I have the opportunity to interview with Peterpan Complex. Check out the interview.

How did the band name, Peterpan Complex, come about?

Peterpan Complex was not the band name but a song title that is created in the initial stages. We had been creating music without a band name and needed to have it urgently to participate in a contest. So, urgently, “Peterpan Complex” was used as a band name and unexpectedly got the grand prize. That’s how the band name came about.

피터팬 컴플렉스는 처음에 밴드명이 아니라 밴드 초기에 만들어진 노래제목이었다.  밴드명을 짓고 활동하기 전부터 계속 곡을 만들고 있었는데 어떤 컨테스트에 참여하게되어 급하게 밴드명이 필요하게 되었다. 급한대로 피터팬컴플렉스라는 이름으로 참가하게 되었는데 뜻밖에 “대상”을 받게되어 밴드명이 되었다.

During your music career, you produce and perform different genres of music, from ballad to electronic rock.  What kind of music would you describe as?

We are performing the way we are enjoying the music at present. In the past, we played rock music with strong guitar sound. Nowadays, we’re playing electronic music with analogue synth. We’d like to perform what we are able to enjoy most instead of seeking a music genre.

우리는 현재 우리가 즐기는 음악을 하고 있을 뿐이다. 과거에는 기타사운드가 강한 락음악이 좋았고 요즘에는 아날로그 신스를 사용한 전자음악이 좋다. 어떤 한 음악장르를 추구하는 것보다 지금 가장 우리가 즐길 수 있는 음악을 하고 싶다. 

What inspires you in creating music?

We get a lot of inspiration from the communication with the people around us. Socializing with different strains, for example, computer programmers, fashion designers and architects makes us get good inspiration through their idea and trend which can be missed while we’re focusing on music.

주변 사람들과의 소통에서 영감을 많이 얻는다. 음악하는 사람들보다는 다른 계통의 사람들, 예를 들어 패션디자이너라든지 건축가라던지 컴퓨터프로그래머라던지,과 자주 어울리는데 그들의 생각과 그들이 일하는 계통의 트렌드를 접하다보면 음악을 하면서 놓치는 많은 영감들을 얻을 수 있다.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Source: Mirrorball Music YouTube)

What are your thoughts about the Korean indie music which is starting to be known among the international music listeners?

Korean indie music history is very short. Initially, it has grown copying the Anglo-American band music. But now there are many bands performing music containing a unique emotion of Korea in a variety of genres. Listening to the music of these bands will give unusual pleasure to the listeners around the world.

한국 인디음악의 역사는 짧다. 초기에는 영미 밴드의 음악을 카피하면서 성장해왔다. 그러나 지금에는 다양한 장르 속에서 한국만의 독특한 정서가 담긴 음악을 하는 밴드들이 많다. 이러한 밴드의 음악을 찾아서 듣는 것은 전세계 음악 청취자들에게 독특한 즐거움을 선사해 줄 것이다.

Some of your music videos are quite emotional (eg. You Know I Love You) while others are quite fun and exciting (eg. Can’t Take My Eyes of You).  How did you approach in presenting your music through videos?

“You Know I Love You” is an emotional song, so emotional one was taken, and “I Can’t Take My Eyes of You” is a fun song, so exciting one was taken. J. It’s so obvious, we’d like to present just the way it is, the feeling of the music through the videos.  So, nowadays, we do the video job by ourselves.

“유노아이러브유”는 감성적인 노래기 때문에 감성적인 뮤직비디오를 찍은 것이고, “자꾸만눈이마주쳐”는 즐겁고 신나는 곡이기 때문에 즐겁고 신나게 뮤직비디오를 찍은 것이다. ㅎㅎ. 너무나 당연한 이야기지만 음악의 느낌을 그대로 비디오로 전달해 주고 싶다.  때문에 요즘에는 밴드멤버 스스로가 뮤직비디오를 직접 찍는다.

If you have the opportunity to collaborate with any artists, who would it be and why?

David Byrne. He is the most creative musician and dancer, that’s why.

가장 독창적인 음악가이자 댄서이기 때문.

539818_506412549420454_514902446_n(Source: Peterpan Complex Facebook)

This is your first time performing to the UK audiences. How do you feel about that?

Very excited! It will be a great pleasure for performing in the original region of rock music which we had listened to since childhood.

대단히 흥분된다. 어릴적부터 즐겨듣던 락음악의 본토에서 공연한다는 것만으로도 큰 즐거움이 될 것이다.

You will be having your upcoming performances with Hugh Keice and other supporting acts at the Islington and AAA in London. What kind of performances which the audiences will look forward to?

Most of the music, which we are playing recently, are exciting and danceable. We hope all of the audiences will enjoy the music itself in the venues even though the language is different.

지금 우리가 즐겨 연주하는 음악들은 대부분 댄서블하고 신난 음악이다. 공연장에 찾아온 여러분 모두 언어는 다르지만 음악자체를 즐겨주셨으면 한다.

What are your future plans in 2014?

We plan to release the 6th album before this summer.

6집을 여름 전에 출시할 계획을 가지고 있다. 

Do you have a message to the UK audiences?

Hi, UK audiences!

For the first time in forever, performing in UK! So exciting, trembling and nervous at the same time. In fact, it’s our first show abroad.

We hope you all enjoy our music as we do. If you like our music during the show, go find other songs of “Perterpan Complex” in YouTube and keep enjoying them!

Thank you!

영국에서 처음 공연하는 것이기 때문에-사실 한국을 제외한 국가에서 공연하는 것이 처음이다- 흥분되면서도 두려움과 떨림이 있다. 우리가 즐기는 것만큼 관객 여러분도 즐겨주셨으면 한다. 짧은 공연에서 우리의 음악이 좋게 들렸다면, YouTube등에서 피터팬 컴플렉스의 다른 음악들도 즐기기를 바란다.

cover1Fifth album, O[Ou] (Source: Ruby Records)

Thank you, Peterpan Complex for allocating the time to answer these questions. Peterpan Complex will be performing live together with Hugh Keice at London on 24th (The Islington) and 27th (AAA) February. You will be dancing away with their refreshing and upbeat danceable tunes throughout the night. Information about the event can be found through here. So, purchase your tickets and see them perform live in London.

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