Norigae (2013)

Posted on March 20, 2014


Director: Choi Seung Ho

Casts: Ma Dong Seok, Lee Seung Yeon, Min Ji Hyun, Lee Do Ah, Gi Ju Bong, Park Yong Soo, and Seo Tae Hwa

Genre: Drama

Running Time: 101 minutes

Norigae, which means ‘Korean traditional ornaments worn by women’ or ‘sex toy’, was inspired by the suicide of actress Jang Ja Yeon. Jeong Ji Hee (Min Ji Hyun), a rookie actress, is found dead in her apartment. There are claims that she was sexually abused by her agent, a film director, and the CEO of the well-known newspaper. The court is taken place to look into the case of Ji Hee’s death. Lee Jang Ho (Ma Dong Seok), a news reporter for mobile news, ‘News Scratch’, investigates and reports about her death. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Kim Mi Hyun, seeks justice. Both of them are working hard to find some evidences and witnesses, including Ji Hee’s diary, to reveal the truth about her death.


Although it is stated at the beginning that the film is fictional, the story seems so real that it makes me both angry and sad. It started off with the media frenzy about Ji Hee’s death followed by introduction to each main character so we get the idea of what is going on. The plots are well-connected with no missing gaps. Jang Ho searches, including the diary, as much as he can to get the truth out through his broadcast channels followed by going back to the court, together with Mi Hyun, to clear Ji Hee’s name. Bit by bit, the truth in Ji Hee’s slowly revealed. It is at a slow-paced but it makes me want to keep watching till the very end. This keeps the viewers all eyes on this story while it slowly building up some tensions.


In order to become a well-known actress, Ji Hee (Min Ji Hyun) has no choice but to be treated badly by her agent and CEO of well-known newspaper

My heart breaks when Ji Hee has gone through so much pain in wanting to be a well-known actress and being accepted by the powerful professionals. From saying her name numerous times, while tears fall from her eyes, to overdoing herself with pills, while being in so much pain and anger, is truly remarkable. A job well done to Mi Hyun for portraying Ji Hee with plenty of emotions that made me tear up with anger. However, the bad guys doesn’t seem as evil as I though it may be. There wasn’t much throwing of anger and insanity that doesn’t make me fume up a lot. Still, it is the case that hoping that they will be put behind bars.


Jang Ho (Ma Dong Seok) and Mi Hyun (Lee Seung Yeon) working hard to reveal the truth about Ji Hee’s death in court

Overall, Norigae is a fictional film but also inspired by the reality of celebrities being sexually abused. The narrative is made in careful detail while setting plenty of hooks to keep you watching and finding out the truth behind Ji Hee’s death. Focusing on Ji Hee, who suffers and being treated badly, is addressing that the issue like this needs to be settled. It ended with ‘the story continues’ which influences the viewers to discuss about both the film and issue in Korea. Furthermore, the scenes of Ji Hee’s story will lead you to question whether the issue has been happening or not lately.

Rating: 7/10

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