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Posted on March 11, 2014


On the Bab is known for dishes that has either rice, noodle, or buns. The restaurant is along the Old Street, Shoreditch, London which you will not miss it when you see the sign. As you entered to the restaurant, a lot of customers chatting and eating away with their meals. The seats at the table are normally for more than two person. Since I am the only person who came, I sat by the bar, which is a good thing for me to anticipate in enjoying my lunch. One advice that I always mention when going to restaurants: be sure to come slightly before the meal hours because you might not get some seats especially when you are in a group.


You will be given the menu which are attached on the clipboards. There are a variety of dishes to choose from. Looking each and every one of them made my mouth watered. Still, I stick to my own choice of food for lunch. You can check out the online menu through here. I decided to order the ‘On the Bab’ with bulgogi beef and the ‘Modeun Twigim’, the fried trio of the day. I also ordered a cup of Korean plum tea. The first thing I was quite impressed with is the how the dishes are served. It reminds me of how we eat the food at the canteen or have them as takeaway in metal lunch boxes. The Korean plum tea was served in a big metal cup. The tea was nice and warm which make my tummy happy.


‘On the Bab’ has the rice, with a choice of meat or veggies, and salad. The one I had is with the bulgogi beef which is marinated nicely. It is cooked nicely together with some onions and zucchini. The sweet and tender beef that made my taste buds dancing. It is not too dry but with just the right amount of sauce that you will enjoy the sweet taste of the beef. Eating the rice with the sauce is another score because I can’t get enough of the lovely sweet sauce. To balance the meaty taste, the salad is light and crunchy with a little bit of spicy kick from the sauce. A well-balanced dish that didn’t disappoint me.


For the side dish, the Modeun Twigim of the day is fish cake, vegetables, and seaweed wrapped japchae noodles. It is served in little metal dish that reminds me of bringing lunch to school with these. The fried trio is light and crispy while I can feel the texture of its ingredients is light with great flavours. The best part is to dip them together with the chilli mayo sauce that gives some spicy kick.

On the Bab has a variety of dishes that will definitely satisfy your cravings especially when you are in East London. If you are in a rush, you can get takeaway but some certain dishes are not available for that. But, the ‘On the Bab’ dishes are available for you to have takeaway. You can also have anju in the evenings with your friends. On the Bab offer special anju meals, too. The price are reasonable, the food is delicious, and the service is awesome. I would definitely come back again to try some other dishes soon.

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