K-Music Festival 2015 in London

Posted on August 31, 2015

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K-Music Festival 2015 is back in London to showcases more diverse range of genres of Korean music. Compare to last year, the selection of performers for this year covers both traditional and contemporary elements that would attract not only the older generation but also the young generation of audiences. The genres include traditional music (eg. pansoori, gugak) while a few performers mix with contemporary music style, punk and doo wop (retro music based in 1950s). All genres compliment audiences from all ages.

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Here are the performers that are going to be there during the celebration of Korean music in London.

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SU:M, which is ‘breath’ in Korean, expresses the essence of life through music. Jiha Park (wind instruments including saenghwang) and Jungmin Seo (gayangeum) compose their own traditional music pieces with contemporary spirit that are related to the stories of modern life. They performed at Womex Cardiff and WOMAD last year.

Source: The Barberettes YouTube

The vocal harmonious trio, Barberettes, will take you back in the classic 50s and 60s with their singing doo-wop that has the mix of creative theatrical style. Not only they have released their first album, The Barberettes Vol. 1, last year but they have also take on the global stage at SXSW and MIDEM. This is going their first time to perform in the UK at one of the popular live show venues in Camden, The Forge.

Source: ROXTA MUZIK YouTube

No Brain, known for their raw vocals, razor guitars and sharp suits, have been performing more than 3,000 gigs for the past 15 years. Their popular smash hits, such as Soju Shots and 넌 내게 반했어have become the rock anthems to sing along to. This will be their first time to perform in front of the UK audiences.

Source: Jambinai Official YouTube

Jambinai is one of the pioneers in taking Korean traditional music to the next level in contemporary styles. They draw in the essence of Korean traditional music together with metal and electronic music. With their sense of challenging creativity, they won “Best Crossover Album” and “Best Jazz & Crossover Performance” at Korean Music Awards. They have been going around the globe to attend well-known international music festivals including WOMEX, SXSW, Glastonbury Festival, Womadelade and many more. Although they have performed in the UK, they finally will be performing at the K-Music Festival 2015 in London.

Source: Noreum Machi YouTube

You will also be amaze by the theatrical folk music by Noreum Machi. Founded in 1993, Noreum Machi communicates the unique language of traditional Korean music with today’s global audiences. With powerful sounds of gongs, Samul Nori drums and wind instruments, you will be having moments of mesmerized by their unique dynamic performance by Noreum Machi.


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Be amaze by the powerful vocals of pansori, the singing form of story-telling, at the Pansori Night which celebrates Chuseok and the relationship between UK and Korea. The rising pansori singer, Sang-il Nam, will be joined by Aeri Park, one of the leading Korea’s female pansori singers. Aeri Park will also perform with ‘Poppin’ Hyunjoon who will perform breakdancing moves that go well with traditional rhythms. These performers will be joined by Bae Reon (ajeang, a seven-stringed instrument), Kye-youl Jun (percussion) and Ji-sun Choi (traditional dancer). It is one of the memorable nights in celebrating the essence of traditional Korean music and culture.

Source: National Gugak Centre YouTube

K-Music Festival 2015 ends with the performance by Korean National Gugak Centre that is known for their Sanjo performances. Sanjo is a style of instrumental music that is accompanied by drums and dancers that gather in slow followed by fast momentums. The dynamic performances also showcase Korean traditional instruments (such as the geomungo (large zither), daegeum (transverse flute) and haegeum (Korean fiddle)). These performances that stay proud with the Korea’s culture on world stage should not be miss.

Lots of genres of Korean music within a month is certainly a treat for listeners, young and old, including music lovers and those who are new to know more about Korean music. It is a wonderful month to celebrate Korean traditional and contemporary music.

Mark your calendar on the following dates:

  • SU:M Southbank Centre 1 September 2015 7.45pm
  • The Barberettes The Forge 4 & 5 September 2015 8.00pm
  • No Brain Scala 11 September 2015 7.00pm
  • Jambinai Rich Mix 16 September 2015 8.00pm
  • Noereum Machi King’s Place 20 September 2015 8.00pm
  • Pansori Cadogan Hall 23 September 2015 7.30pm
  • Korean National Gugak Centre Sadler’s Well Lilian Baylis Studio 30 September 2015 7.30pm

The festival is going to start really soon. It’s not too late to get those tickets. Don’t miss their performances in London. You will definitely be amazed by a wide range of music throughout the whole month.

More information and purchase tickets can be found through here.

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