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K-Music Festival 2015 in London

Source: Serious UK Official Website K-Music Festival 2015 is back in London to showcases more diverse range of genres of Korean music. Compare to last year, the selection of performers for this year covers both traditional and contemporary elements that …

Interview with Jambinai

(Source: Jambinai) Here is a little something that might get your attention: a combination of traditional music and post-rock. You probably think that it doesn’t sound right when combining these two different genres. However, Jambinai got what it takes to …

VIDAN: Interactive Storytelling About The Korean Treasures

Vidan (Source: Vidan Facebook) We listen and read the Korean folk tales and history through books and from the people who talked about it. Instead, VIDAN takes another approach in telling the Korean treasures through fusion Korean traditional music and …