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Kimchinary: “Orchestra” in the Burrito

  (Source: Kimchinary Twitter) Kimchinary is well-known for the Korean tacos that I decided to try again at the KERB’s 1st birthday party near the Granary Square, King’s Cross, London. By the time I reached to the Kimchinary stall, there …

Interview with The Founder of KORRITO: Joo

I shared an article about the Korean-Mexican burrito, KORRITO that gave me warmth and comfort. This time, I talked with Joo, the founder of KORRITO. She talked about her mission to share the aspects of Korean food through her food …

KORRITO: Korean BBQ and Mexican Burrito

KORRITO just started their business recently in London. KORRITO means the mix of Korean BBQ and Mexican burrito. How did I hear about this? I heard from one of my friend that she had the KORRITO at the Southbank – …