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Interview with Steven Dhoedt

Steven Dhoedt Steven Dhoedt, a Belgian director, producer and cinematographer, founded VISUALANTICS in 2003, a Brussels based independent production house which focuses on creative documentaries, fiction films and new media projects. His films were shown in various film festivals in Europe, the …

Interview with Joo, Founder of KORRITO

Joo, the founder of KORRITO in Seoul for the documentary, “Savouring Korea – The Taste of Home” (Photo Credit: KORRITO) I had an interview with her before about the street food business, KORRITO. KORRITO is known for their burritos, using …

Savouring Korea – The Taste of Home

(Source: KORRITO Facebook Page) Previously, I interviewed Joo, the founder of KORRITO, who talks about KORRITO and passion about Korean food. She mentioned before that she was in progress on making a documentary about Korean food. Finally, the food documentary, Savouring Korea …