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PATiENTS Returns for 2nd UK Tour

PATiENTS:Hyuckjang Kwon (Keyboard and Chorus), Sumin Jo (Bass and Vocal), and Jaehyuk Lee (Drums and Chorus) (Courtesy of the artist) PATiENTS continues producing more experimental with their arrangement in music. With their latest release of their full album, “18”. You will …

PATiENTS, Dead Buttons, and Asian Chairshot in London

Asian Chairshot – PATiENTS – Dead Buttons (Source: Courtesy of Artist) Last year in April, Galaxy Express, Goonam, Apollo 18, and Gate Flowers were the lineup for “Korean Rocks” tour in the UK. A shift of perspective on other genres …

Interview with PATiENTS (페이션츠)

PATiENTS: Jaehyuk Lee (Drums and Chorus), Sumin Jo (Bass and Vocal), and Hyuckjang Kwon (Keyboard and Chorus) (Courtesy of the artist) We are all excited about the K-indie bands that will be having UK tours in May.  These concerts will give …