Weekly Events: 31 March – 13 April

Posted on March 30, 2014


1392811338850Moss (2010)

  • 1 April: Moss (2010), adapted from a popular webtoon, will be shown at the KCCUK. This film will be the final screening for the Korea Market Focus London Book Fair 2014. [Booking]
  • 1 – 13 April: The 7th CinemAsia Film Festival, featuring six Korean films (SnowpiercerAnother FamilyNight FlightHow to Use Guys with Secret TipsVery Ordinary Couple, and State of Play)  will be held in Amsterdam (1 – 6 & 12 April) , Eindhoven (11 – 13 April), Den Haag (12 – 13 April), and Rotterdam (13 April). [Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube]
  • 5 April: The Seoul Film Society will be showing Memories of Murder (2003) which is directed by Bong Joon Ho. [Facebook Event]
  • 10 April: Cinema on the Park starts the Modern Family film screenings with Treeless Mountain (2008)which is directed by the Korean-American film director, Kim So Yong. [Website]
  • 10 April: The next person for the Year of Film Professionals is Chung-Chung Hoon, a cinematographer for Park Chan Wook’s films. The first film which is going to be shown at the KCCUK is Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. [Book free seating]




Adam (2012) by Leonard Johanssen (Source: Leonard Johansson Official Website)

  • 6 March – 2 April: Few more days to go to see Bae Joon Sung’s and Hwang Seon Tae’s works at the Albermarle Gallery, London. [Website]
  • 12 March – 17 April: Chun Kwang Young’s 70th birthday is celebrated by featuring his new works of Aggregation series at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London. [Website]
  • 27 March – 12 April: Ki Hyoung Tak’s first solo photography exhibition, Loyalty, is held at MOKSPACE, London. He took photographs of the ornamental tombstones of the 400 year old  burial site at Mount Cho-An.
  • 28 March – 27 April: Hanmi Gallery presents Confessions of an Opium Eater, created by a Swedish-Korean artist, Leonard Johansson. The exhibition focuses on the fictional characters that are in between the boundaries of reality and dream-like drug induced state. [Gallery Website]
  • 28 March – 27 April: Jihee Kim showcases her second solo exhibition, Between the lines, at cueB Gallery, London. [Facebook Event]
  • 3 – 27 April: HADA Contemporary will be showing Park Seung Mo’s solo exhibition. [Gallery Website]



2009416008_XYMOLxm4_C5A9B6F3C0D77E1Crying Nut Show at Prism Hall 2nd Anniversary (Source: Crying Nut Official Website)

  • 3 – 6 April: NELL’s Season, Newton’s Apple concert will be held at the BlueSquare SamsungCard Hall, Seoul [Purchase Tickets]
  • 5 April: Hellivision is holding a fundraiser concert, for going to perform at Liverpool, UK, at Muderak, Seoul. This includes a great lineup of performers. [More information]
  • 5 April: Crying Nut and Galaxy Express will be performing at the Prism Hall, Seoul to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. [Website]
  • 5 April: Hologram Film will be holding the 1st album release party. From the Airport is the guest performance for the event. [Cyworld Website]
  • 6 April: The Winterplay will be performing at the Non-Stop Jazz Fever. Come on down to listen to some jazzy beats and tunes. [Facebook Event]
  • 11 April: LudiSTELO, Love X Stereo, and No Brain will be performing for the Plug and Play live gig at the Prism Live Hall, Seoul [Facebook Page]
  • 12 April: Go Chic, Jambinai, Smacksoft, and 숨[S:UM] will be performing at the People Mountain, People Sea Festival in Amsterdam. [Website]



Korea Market Focus London Book Fair 2014 Logo(Source: London Book Fair 2014 Official Website)

  • 8 – 10 April: Korean literature is celebrated by having the Korea Market Focus 2014 at the London Book Fair. A lot of programs related to Korean literature will be held at Earl’s Court and other parts of the UK. You can check the feature article about this event. Find more information about authors and programmes through the brochure and website.
  • 7 April – 14 June: In conjunction with the London Book Fair 2014, The Art of Printing exhibition will be held at the KCCUK. [Website]

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