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The “Ssam” at Jubo London

New food in the Jubo London Menu I came back to Jubo London for the main reason: to try out the Ssam meal which was recently added to the menu. In order to had that meal, I need to book …

Interview with Jubo London

I still remember ‘the’ Korean Fried Chicken that I hear the sound of the crispy chicken and then the taste of the chicken melts in my mouth with joy in every single bite. What is ‘the’ Korean Fried Chicken? It’s …

Jubo London: Crunch and Melt in Every Bite

Jubo London restaurant at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch Within a few months, Jubo London has become popular among the foodies and have some Korean fried chicken. Jubo London was featured in TimeOut London and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch who recommended that …