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Kiha & The Faces: Stories to Tell with Hyper Energy

If you are into K-rock and indie music, you may have heard of Kiha and the Faces. If you are just started to have interested in this genre, then this band is a great start for you to listen to …

Square The Circle

The group was formed in 2011. It consists for four members: Park Joon Hee (Vocal/Guitar), Kim Min Soo (Guitar), Ahn Hyo Rohl (Bass), and Heo Jeong Joon (Drums). They have been rocking out at Hongdae. They first start of the …

Go Wild and Loud with Apollo 18

From left to right: Kim Dae In (Bass), Choi Hyun Seok (Guitar), and Lee Sang Yun (Drums) The Ilsan post-hardcore and post-rock band was formed in 2008. The members Kim Dae In (Bass), Choi Hyun Seok (Guitar), and Lee Sang …