Kimchinary: “Orchestra” in the Burrito

  (Source: Kimchinary Twitter) Kimchinary is well-known for the Korean tacos that I decided to try again at the KERB’s 1st birthday party near the Granary Square, King’s Cross, London. By the time I reached to the Kimchinary stall, there …

Interview with The Founder of KORRITO: Joo

I shared an article about the Korean-Mexican burrito, KORRITO that gave me warmth and comfort. This time, I talked with Joo, the founder of KORRITO. She talked about her mission to share the aspects of Korean food through her food …

Interview with The Founder of ‘Busan BBQ’, Da Hae

In the beginning of September, I tried out the Busan BBQ that has the flavours that explodes in my mouth. Check out the review. This time, I had the opportunity to have an interview with one of the founders of …

Jubo London: Crunch and Melt in Every Bite

Jubo London restaurant at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch Within a few months, Jubo London has become popular among the foodies and have some Korean fried chicken. Jubo London was featured in TimeOut London and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch who recommended that …

Busan BBQ: Hot, Juicy, and Meaty Burgers

Before the launch, Busan BBQ had continuously doing promotions through the power of social media and word-of-mouth to let us know that the Korean-American burgers are coming to London. The married couple, who loves food and doing food oriented activities, …

KORRITO: Korean BBQ and Mexican Burrito

KORRITO just started their business recently in London. KORRITO means the mix of Korean BBQ and Mexican burrito. How did I hear about this? I heard from one of my friend that she had the KORRITO at the Southbank – …