Home by Hyun Jin-Geon

The story is set in the 1920s when the Japanese Empire’s colonial exploitation is in full force in the Korean peninsula. The narrator meets a man who wear an unusual set of clothing at the train carriage. He finds out …

Broken Strings by Gang Gyeong-Ae

Hyeong Cheol is standing in between two decisions which he had to choose one of them: (1) take the path to have a better life or (2) fighting what is right for the society. Later, he decides to throw everything …

Stingray by Kim Joo Young

Kim Joo Young takes into a one person story about his encounters with his mother in a small farming village in the 1950s. After his father abandoned the family for another woman, Se Young and his mother has to live …

Drifting House by Krys Lee

Drifting House by Krys Lee A collection of short stories in Drifting House are based on the fictional characters’ lives that they have been going through in North Korea, South Korea, and the US. Their stories conveyed the struggles that they …

A Chain of Dark Tales by Jung Young Moon

A Chain of Dark Tales consists of 45 short stories that depict fictional situations and characters. These short stories have darker metaphorical aspects which are combined together into a single platform. Furthermore, this book is described as “The Great Quilt” …

There a Petal Silently Falls by Ch’oe Yun

There a Petal Silently Falls consist of three short stories. The first story, ‘There a Petal Silently Falls’, tells a story about a girl who looks for her long lost brother. Before that, she was shocked by seeing her mother’s …